Elbow Grease

With their roots in Western Canada, Darla Biccum and Juno Rinaldi have picked up sticks and joined the growing arts revolution in Hamilton (Art is the New Steel!)

They have banded comedic forces to bring you a quirky comedy about two sisters making a living cleaning other people’s filth.

With a combined 25 years of experience in theatre, film and tv, Juno and Darla decided to take on the world of Indie producing.  Equipped with a zany crew sourced from Kijiji, a craft service table loaded up with Costco lasagnas and way too much pop (does anyone actually drink Mountain Dew anymore?) Together with Producer/Director Keith Toms they shot the Elbow Grease pilot in Hamilton, Ontario this past August.


Sound editing: Michael Rinaldi Video editing: Darla Biccum Music: No Glamour in the Hammer* by Whitehorse Darla Biccum as Del Juno Rinaldi as Frannie * - used with permission